Pastor Sam Wagner

Pastor Sam Wagner began his ministry in October 2001 when he heard the call of God upon his life under the supervision and teaching of Pastor Dr. Donald L. Diggs of Word of Life Tabernacle in High Point, NC. Pastor Wagner received instructions from God to sit under the teachings of Dr. Diggs until God released him to teach the gospel. On August 1, 2005, Pastor Wagner was released by God to minister the gospel throughout various denominations. This instruction from God was to break down the denomination barriers that have kept His people from fellowship with one another.


In January 2008, God spoke to Pastor Wagner that he has given him the gift of healing which could only be administered when someone made the request of him to pray for them. That year God utilized that gift in Pastor Wagner in three distinct miracles by praying and laying of hands upon the sick from cancer, to an inoperable brain tumor healed, and raising a child from the dead. Pastor Wagner remains humble before God and believes that God is the Author and Finisher of his faith and ministry.


In June 2009, at World Changers Church International Faith Convention, God spoke unto Pastor Wagner to prepare for the manifestation of New Foundation Church, another ministry founded upon Luke 6:48. With his calling to pastor, Pastor Wagner remained humbly submitted to his pastor, Dr. Ronald Diggs until God ordered his footsteps. On January 10th, 2010, New Foundation Church was birthed in Charlotte, North Carolina.

New Foundation Church Ministries is a ministry of reconciliation for all people. If continues to grow and reach all who are lost and broken hearted. Pastor Wagner continues his committed journey of fulfilling the Great Commission with his message of faith, love, and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Pastor Wagner is happily married to Dr. Rico Wagner and they have four beautiful children, Samyah, Stephon, Tyler and Ian. And one grandson Ace Wagner.

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